About Us

i4 Home Design is an architectural design firm offering residential, commercial and multifamily design services.  We serve the greater Boston community.  Our design partnerships also gives us national reach with licensing in all 50 states.  Our design approach involves an iterative process that translates your vision and ideas into a functional design that works well with your budget and your site.  We serve as your professional eye and will design your project to capture the desired aesthetic and architectural style you hope to achieve.  Our success is tied to the success of your project so we will serve as your advocate and trusted consultant through the entire process.

Behind Every Home is a Story

The design and construction of a new home or building is an orchestration of ideas, products, materials and systems requiring the involvement of dozens of individuals.  As design and construction professionals, we take pride in presenting picture of the finished project but behind these pictures are stories that often go untold.  i4 Home Design seeks to emphasize these untold aspects of our projects through our profiles page.